Should I say or should I go?

When the Clash recorded “should I stay or should I go?”, they weren’t thinking of a global pandemic. But regarding work, that’s the question. Go to the office, stay at home – or some hybrid option? Safety issues dominate, but there’s another important consideration. People are going a bit nuts. They’re missing ‘social interaction’. Plainly put, hanging out with colleagues, swopping ideas and stories. Not spending 24 hours under the same roof. I’ve collected some positive steps from a number of people. Here they are – pick a tune that gets you in a good mood and play it loud in the bathroom first thing. Exercise daily even if only a few minutes – again best first thing. Work from Costa or a local café twice a week for 2 hours. Agree a finish time and go for a walk – this your commute back home. Have a repertoire of mood lifting evening viewing, such as Mrs Maisel or Larry David. Avoid the 10 o’clock news. Each to their own of course. And if the office is available, and you want to go, plan with workmates to make it enjoyable and productive.