Author: Alex Knight

WEBINAR: David Mansfield – Supercharged Business Recovery

When: Tuesday 28 April, 14:00


David Mansfield, founder of The Monday Revolution, is taking part in an interactive webinar about preparing for post-lockdown business success. David will talk about:

  • Why this is the perfect time to change the way you approach work and life
  • His tips and tricks to simplify business behaviour and get more done
  • Sharing some insight from his book ‘The Monday Revolution’, published March 2020
  • Answering your questions to help you solve your everyday business problems

Interview: ‘Books a Million’ Books Ends Q&A

David Mansfield talks about his interest in business books, drawing parallels between his new book ‘The Monday Revolution’ and the mid-90s classic ‘What They Don’t Teach You at Harvard Business School’ by Mark H McCormack. David explains, “When writing my book, this was a big inspiration. In some respects my book mirrors the style of McCormack’s. Both are full of real-life ‘fable’ examples… (it) is all about the lessons to be learned, and if you didn’t get the message in the fable, the second section breaks it all down into useable and digestible chunks.”

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‘The Extraordinary Business Book Club’ Podcast (April 2020)

David Mansfield joins Alison Jones for ‘The Extraordinary Business Book Club’ Podcast. They discuss The Monday Revolution and how David advises business leaders to be more effective, using his expert eyes to identify opportunities to improve productivity and performance. In the podcast, David talks about his opening challenge to any leader, “I ask, are you spending your time in the right way and is this what you should really be doing to push your business forward?”

The discussion with David starts at six minutes.

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