Author: Clare Mansfield

Is hiring based on instinct a risk?

BA have a newly promoted CEO. Appointed, presumably, due to his long-standing tenure and track record. He’s popular with staff. Something, allegedly, his predecessor wasn’t. I wonder what other evidence confirmed his suitability for this step up? Was there a rigorous system in place to identify his leadership qualities for this high-profile role? Let’s hope so. Not employing an evidence-based process has consequences. TSB have just announced their 6th CEO in nine years.  

What can we learn? 

Appointments made on instinct and gut feel are commonplace. But using these alone is fraught with danger. There are many supplementary tools and methods to help. Challenge initial thoughts with facts and knowledge. Gather evidence before deciding.

Are you prepared?

It’s true. The older we get the more comfortable we become. But if we’re not careful this leads to complacency and missed opportunities. Because we feel in control, we don’t bother to prepare. We simply rock up and do our thing, when we should pause and think. What’s this meeting really about? What result do we want and how can we get it? 

What can we learn? 

Investing time in preparation pays dividends. Whether a coffee, a pitch or an event.
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Should we all be buying shares in WPP?

WPP’s CEO Mark Read has moved fast, leveraging adversity to create a more dynamic business. Often attacked as an irrelevant company of the advertising old school, assets have been shed and debt reduced. The company appears on the front foot. Dividends are back and the board is on the hunt for scalable businesses to buy. 

What can we learn?

You don’t need to wait for a crisis to hit your business to change it for the better. If you’re not in a crisis, invent one. Take a dispassionate look and identify what you should do.
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