The leader of the Revolution: David Mansfield

David Mansfield’s advice is widely sought. From startups to established organisations. All looking for outside help to solve those tricky everyday problems. And there isn’t too much he hasn’t seen.

His early career in the commercial operations of the advertising and media industries exposed him to the best and worst excesses of the business world. Eventually leading Capital Radio PLC, he ran the team that built one of the most admired and successful businesses of its era. But it wasn’t easy because business isn’t a steady state. Successfully navigating the ups and downs, celebrating triumphant moments and keeping your nerve when the world comes unexpectantly crashing around you defines leadership.

David’s many years of experience encompasses a wide range of companies and sectors. From start-ups to global organisations, they all feature in David’s personal Monday Revolution. Retail, research, events, digital transformation and corporate finance to name but a few.

In an early life driven by an ambition to succeed, David developed an understanding and determination to challenge the established order. Although a past Visiting Fellow of the University of Oxford’s Said Business School and Visiting Professor in Cass Business School, David’s progress from factory floor to successful business leader is where he learnt the hard yards.

His mission is to build a movement of like minded people who don’t rest on their laurels but constantly search for better ways to get things done. Now!

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