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What is the Monday Revolution?

The Monday Revolution is about changing your personal approach to work and life. It’s about taking control of time and spending it on the things that matter. There is great satisfaction in getting things done. Who wants to spend long days in pointless meetings or writing reports that never serve any real purpose?

The Monday Revolution is a state of mind to apply on the first day of the week. It’s a metaphor for recognising that some things need to change now. It’s an approach that relies on simple steps to achieve smart ways of getting things done, immediately.

In the end we’re all going to die. What are you going to do between now and then?

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In a lifetime of work, David has encountered, tolerated, conquered and failed at most of the things you’ve come to accept as the natural order. The business world is a messy place. Information overload with processes and systems that were meant to help, but just clog up the best intentions. Just staying on top of the day to day feels like some sort of result.

But don’t believe what you hear, there are quick fixes and The Monday Revolution has them. Every chapter contains stories, anecdotes and uncomplicated real-world advice on how you can Revolutionise your working life. From Monday.

Simple, immediate, actionable examples on how directors, managers and business owners can get more done, more quickly. David covers all the basics needed to fast track profitable growth. If you want to look back on your working week with satisfaction and eagerly anticipate the next, read this book. And start your own Monday Revolution.

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  • Principle 1: Now, not later

    The enemy of effective working is procrastination. What is wrong with now?

    The Manifesto

  • Principle 2: Simple, not complicated

    Revolutionaries are mission clear. Too many moving parts and you’ll increase the chance of failure. Avoid the trap of trying to solve complex problems with complex solutions. Whatever you’re doing or saying, keep it simple.

    The Manifesto

  • Principle 3: Find better ways

    Around you there are many examples of better ways to solve your own problems and create compelling opportunities. Learn to look outside.

    The Manifesto

  • Principle 4: Positive mindset

    Revolutionaries never win without belief. Neither will you.

    The Manifesto

  • Principle 5: Evidence-based decision making

    Sometimes there will be little to go on. But this is rare. More likely, the facts are there, but overruled by emotions. Be strong. Look for evidence to back up decisions. Before you decide, how do you really know?

    The Manifesto

  • Principle 6: Invest time wisely

    Always in short supply and not easily stored for another day. A valuable resource. The Revolutionary spends their time on the right things each week to improve the chances of effective results and maximum satisfaction.

    The Manifesto

Meet the leader of the Revolution

David Mansfield’s advice is widely sought. From startups to established organisations. All looking for outside help to solve those tricky everyday problems. And there isn’t too much he hasn’t seen.

His early career in the commercial operations of the advertising and media industries exposed him to the best and worst excesses of the business world. Eventually leading Capital Radio PLC, he ran the team that built one of the most admired and successful businesses of its era.

David’s many years of experience encompasses a wide range of companies and sectors. From retail, research, events, digital transformation and corporate finance to name but a few.

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