The Monday Revolution Manifesto

Six Principles


Now, not later.

The enemy of effective working is procrastination. What is wrong with now?

Invest time wisely.

It’s always in short supply and not easily stored for another day. An invaluable resource. The revolutionary spends their time on the right things each week to improve the chances of effective results and maximum satisfaction.

Simple, not complicated.

Revolutionaries are mission clear. Too many moving parts and you’ll increase the chance of failure. Avoid the trap of trying to solve complex problems with complex solutions. Whatever you’re doing or saying, keep it simple.

Find better ways.

Around you there are many examples of better ways to solve your own problems and create compelling opportunities. Learn to look outside.

Evidence-based decision making.

Sometimes there will be little to go on. But this is rare. More likely, the facts are there, but overruled by emotions. Be strong. Look for evidence to back up decisions. Before you decide, how do you really know?

Positive mindset.

Revolutionaries never win without belief. Neither will you.